Formation and history of Council for International Programme (CIP):

In the early 1960's the Council of International Programmes (CIP) was formed by late Dr.Henry Ollendorff who suffered tremendous personal hardships as a victim of World War II. He had implicit faith in the ability of people to live in peace and universal brotherhood through CIP, he sought not only to expose and allow an exchange of ideas and prevalent trends in social work practice in the U.S.A. but also to provide an opportunity for people of different nationality and creeds to experience to live in peace and Universal Brotherhood.

In the 1970's social workers participated in the Cleveland international programme. Later it was named Council of International Programmes (CIP) and CIPUSA. The alumni of CIP formed Council for International Programme Fellowship (CIF) in their own respective countries. Germany became the first country to form CIF in 1964. CIF is a voluntary non-profit Organization operating in 120 countries. It has about 10,000 social workers, Youth leaders and educators all over the world who have participated in the CIP and CIF programmes.

CIF-INDIA is one such link in the international chain, consisting of Indian alumni. CIF-India was founded in 1981. Beginning with, hosting an international conference in Mumbai and later the next year began the exchange programme.

India is the second largest group of trained social workers to have participated and benefited from this noble programme.

Every year we start the exchange programme after DIWALI, (a festival of Lights celebrated in India) in November - December for four weeks; in India. The Programme is geared towards a realistic exposure of India. It gives participants an insight into Indian Social problems, challenges and efforts to meet them

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