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Details of C.I.F


Details of Council for International Fellowship (CIF) Program for Indian Participants

(Email: cif_india@yahoo.co.in)

CIF is a voluntary international organization with branches in many countries. The unique character of the program is its combination of studying and observation, giving and taking, learning and teaching on an international basis to increase the professional knowledge where people are involved in the field of social work.

From this program PARTICIPANTS get immense knowledge, opportunity, to see any country, their life style, the working system of government and non-government organization. It is a great experience to visit and to know the system of any country as an international guest.

For this special course it covers -’Introduction to the philosophy, structure and methods of social work in all major aspects of life in a specific country

The duration of the entire exchange program generally 3 to 6 weeks. Dates are subject to change from year to year. There are few countries the registration fees are total free and few countries are in addition to the registration fees. For more information, please visit our web site www.cifinternational.com

All the members and people, who organize or conduct this exchange program at any country in the world is totally volunteer.

The following points are the mandatory aspects of the exchange program for Indian Participants:

1. The participant has to be qualified by ‘Bachelor degree of Social Work or Master in Social Work’ from any University and minimum two years working experience

2. The minimum 5 years work experience for diploma holder social worker also can apply the programme. Persons with any other

Educational background should directly apply to CIP. Allied field would be evaluated case wise and considered.

3. The participant has to recommend from national branch, head office in Mumbai.

4. Before attend the international program the participant has to be life member with CIF-INDIA, The Membership fees, Rs. 5000/-, cheque / demand draft in favor of ‘Council for International Programme Fellowship India’.

5. The participants have to arrange their own to & fro travel money to visit any country for the said exchange program.

6. All exchange program provide participants with housing-usually host families living during the program who take care of food, lodging. Either an allowance (pocket money) is provided and / or travel cost in the country during the exchange program.

7. There are two times selection interviews for Indian participants. The nonrefundable registration fees is Rs.1500/- 

The 1st Interviews for the selection for 18 countries will held on Saturday, 14th October 2017, at ‘Tata Institute of Social Sciences’ in Mumbai, India from 3 .00 pm onwards. The last date to receive application of these Program for Indian participants is 10th October 2017.

The 2nd Interviews for the selection for 16 countries will held on Saturday, 17th February 2018 at ‘Tata Institute of Social Sciences’ in Mumbai, India, from 3 .00 pm onwards. The last date to receive application of these Program for Indian participants is 10th February 2018

8. The participants can apply after two years in any different country for these exchange programme.

9. The participants have to send their application with scanned picture attached by email as well as two sets of filled up application forms + each form has to contain two passport size photocopies.


The aims of The Programme offered to a limited number of International participants are:

    • To expose social workers, youth leaders and special educators to current trends in professional social work practices in participant’s own country and to acquaint them with issues in social work.


    • To give an experience of western family life.


    • To promote International understanding by sharing and learning from one another.
    • To increase the understanding of the world’s diverse cultures.


The main features of C.I.F. International Programme which is approximately 4 to 6 weeks long and conduct according to the concern country date/time, which is offer to the participants are as follows:-

The Orientation Programme is aimed at providing a theoretical framework to understand the social, economical and cultural trends prevalent in the country with a historical perspective.

The Participants present the socio-economic situations and cultural trends of their own country. They also discuss their work methods and intervention strategies. This facilitates cultural exchange, sharing of ideas and skills.

Agency Placements:
Participants are placed in agencies of their choice related to their own specialized field to observe and experience professional social work and special educational efforts in our country.

Agency Visits:
Visits to welfare agencies during agency placements expose the participants to the existing services and their approach.

Rural Visit:
Visit to an innovative project in social work / special education in a rural / tribal area is an integral part of our Indian Programme. Their stay at the field project area gives them an experience of rural life and observe the efforts put in for the development of the under-privileged sections of the society.

Our rural camps have been appreciated widely over the years.

Host Family Living:
Based on the assumption that one cannot appreciate India unless one experiences and understands the values and attitudes which guide the Indian thinking. CIF India arranges for the participants to live with Indian Host families.

During their agency placements the participants stays for about eight days with two different families. They thus get a chance to experience the social cultural and religious beliefs that shape the lives

The families are selected and are given an orientation towards the requirements of hosting foreign participants.

India is multi cultural and multi linguistic, with diverse religious groups. Participants are fortunate to witness and participate in a variety of ethnic events.

All the host families and agencies, where you are placed do not receive any remuneration from CIF.
Indians by nature are very hospitable! Participant’s breakfast and dinner is taken care of by the family on working days and also includes lunch on non-working days. One can carry a packed lunch to work; the hostess will guide the Participant.

Indians by nature are very hospitable!

Evaluation and Valedictory:
This is intended to offer the group an opportunity to clarify new impressions, knowledge and experience gained during their stay and also assess the programme in terms of its affectivity and goals. On completion of the four weeks Programme participants are awarded a certificate of attendance.

How to apply
Click here to download Application Form and
Professional Exchange Program 2017-2018 Calendar and
International PROGRAM 2019 BROCHURE

Who is eligible?
♦    A CIF participant must be professionally qualified and employed as a Social worker, youth leader or Special educator.
♦    Should have minimum 2 years working experience in the respective field.

Realities Expected:
♦    The Participant has to bear to and from travel cost.
♦    Be covered for travel insurance, including third party liability.
♦    No responsibility is taken by CIF for participant’s family or friends. Infact, during the tenure of the programme no family or friends should visit.
♦    Participants are not permitted to work while on the programme, as it is a full time commitment to CIF.
♦    All expenses before and after the Programme to be borne by the participant.
♦    CIF Exchange Programme is limited to observation and learning only, due to language barriers and cultural differences.
♦    Our humble request to the participant is that on return S/He becomes a member of CIF branch and contributes actively.

The selection for any PARTICIPANT for any COUNTRY totally based on
 Merits, Presentation & Knowledge.
Please send your application with a covering letter, where kindly mention the choice of the country’s name which you like to prefer. Please do not write the name of the country on your application (after selection we mention it). Please send the applications by email as well as hard copy to the following below address:-

Ms. Iva Athavia, President, CIF INDIA – A/6, Daruwala Housing Society,31, D.B.Marg, Bombay Central, Mumbai – 400008. India. Ph: + 91 9323780047 / 9004469413   (M)
Email: ivathavia_17@yahoo.co.in