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CIF INDIA New Programme

CIF INDIA New Programme 
From 26th January 2017 to 14th February 2017

COUNCIL FOR INTERNATIONAL FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME INDIA- 2016: One candle lights the way. On Diwali, when the whole of India is lit up, happiness and unity find their way into our hearts and our lives. And that is why Diwali isn’t merely observed. It is celebrated. It is on this day that India truly radiates her light, in beauty and in spirit. With this sprit CIF INDIA is again announcing its ongoing International Exchange Program for the year 2016. The program is intended for Trained Social Workers, Youth leaders and Special Educators. This year’s program will commence from Mumbai on 26th January 2017 and will end in Mumbai on 14th February 2017.

Objectives of the International Programme :

The aims of Indian Programme offered to a limited number of International participants are :

  • To expose social workers, youth leaders and special educators to current trends in professional social work practices in India and to acquaint them with issues in social work.
  • To give an experience of Indian family life in different cities
  • To promote International understanding by sharing and learning from one another. To increase the understanding of the world’s diverse cultures.
  • Rural India visit experience.


The fetchers are as follows:

Orientation: The orientation program is aimed at providing a theoretical framework to understand the social, economic and cultural trends prevalent in the country with a historical perspective.

Agency Visits: Visits to urban welfare agencies during agency placements exposé the participants to the existing services and their approach


Agency Placements: Participants are placed in agencies of their own specialized field to observe and experience professional social work and special educational efforts in our country.


Presentations: The participants present the socio – economic situations and cultural trends of their own country. They also discuss their work methods and intervention strategies. This facilities of the specially for cultural exchange having of ideas and skills.

Rural Camp: Visit to an innovative project in social work in a rural area is an integral part of our Indian program. Their stay at the project gives them an experience of rural life and observe the efforts put in for the development of the under- privileged sections of society.

Host Family Living: Based on the assumption that one cannot appreciate India unless one experiences and understand the values and attitudes which guide the Indian thinking. Generally CIF India arranges for the participants to live with Indian Host families.

During their agency placements, the participants live for two weeks each with two different families. They thus get a chance to experience the social, cultural and religious beliefs that shape the lives of the majority of people. The families are selected and our given orientation towards the requirements of hosting foreign participants.


Evaluation: This is intended to offer the group an opportunity to clarify new impressions knowledge and experience gained during their stay and also assess the programme in terms of its affectivity and goals.

Valedictory Function: A valedictory function organize to award the certificate to the participants who are complete the full CIF INDIA Exchange Program.

We believe that your interest and involvement in the program will contribute to its success and achievement of CIF INDIA’S aims and objectives



The program would be held for 20 Days and the Registration Fees would be 325 Euro.
We look forward to your interest in our program to spread out the dates among your country people. Please send the application by email as well as hard copy to the following below address :

Ms. Iva Athavia, President, CIF INDIA – A/6, Daruwala Housing Society,31, D.B.Marg, Bombay Central, Mumbai – 400008. India. Ph: + 91 9323780047 / 9004469413   (M)
Email: ivathavia_17@yahoo.co.in


Ms. Sangita Mehrotra, Secretary, CIF INDIA – A/705, Neelkanth Heights Mansarovar ,Pokhran – 2, Near Upvan Lake , Thane west Ph: + 919833263549(M)
Email: sangitamehrotra@gmail.com